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Our Story

At the age of 5 Michelle picked up her first Basketball and immediately fell in love with the game. Winning numerous awards and Captaining her Dublin team to an All Ireland Championship. At the age of 15 Michelle tore her ACL and was the youngest person in Ireland to have reconstructive surgery. 

She moved to Glasgow in 2011 and tried to pick up the game again with Glasgow Fever. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful but it was through the club she gained her Level 2: Basketball Coaching certificate. 

Michelle coached hundreds of kids in over 40 schools in Glasgow. She then had her son Shea in 2017 and decided she wanted to focus on player development. Elite Basketball Skills was formed at the end of 2017. 

Michelle works with players in Scotland and was recently the Head Coach for the Boys West Regional Academy squad. 

Michelle has been mentored under Coach Hollis and Coach Nunley from Networks Basketball in North Carolina and Coach Clarges from Hoop Skool in Ireland. She has spend endless hours shadowing them and travelling to the States and Ireland to gain more knowledge. 

Not only does Michelle coach players but she also Mentors upcoming Basketball Coaches. 

When Michelle is not running after Shea her three year old she is on the court doing what she loves most, motivating and inspiring young players.